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Tanka's Top 10 Customer Comments for June

July 02, 2010

Tanka's Top 10 Customer Comments for June
This monthly feature highlights the top 10 comments from the previous month that made us proud, made us laugh, smile or touched our hearts. Please read on and feel free to leave comments of your own. Pilamaya

06.06.10 Great for summertime By Charles from Spring City

The regular "bars" I've been eating on occasion melt in the summertime. Tanka bars do not which makes them much easier to store and carry in the warm weather. Plus the lower calories are a huge plus too -- and they are overall probably better health-wise. On top of all this -- they taste great too.

06.07.10 Tanka Bites By Terry from Casa Grande

I found your product at the Food Coop in Baker City, Oregon while on a camping trip.
I really like the way you make your product and the quality of it. My little dog Sugar thinks there great also.

06.12.10 Consistently great products By Christopher from Louisville

I was a fan of the bars and bites, but the new Tanka Wild sticks and especially the summer sausage are a stroke of genius. The wild rice flavor is subtle but distinct, and makes this line completely addictive. Thanks so much for keeping the traditional foods at the heart of what you are doing, and not compromising on quality.

06.16.10 Tanka Bars By Catherine from Eureka Springs

Trying tanka sticks for the first time. I am certain the family will love them as much as your tanka bars. You have a superior product and wonderful people.
Thank you,

06.20.10 Tanka Bars By Glenn from Medford

Your tanka bars are great & I have used them and shared them on various middle and long-distance hikes. Now I will try you wild sticks too! Thanks for such a great and natural product!

06.22.10 Wonderful!!!! By Kristen from Great falls

The Tonka Bars and bits are the best to take on a hike or family vacation. they give you that extra energy that you need and I have yet to introduce them to someone how doesn't feel the same. They are wonderful and I hope everyone at the company keeps up the great work of making a delicious heart healthy snack that evryone loves.

06.24.10 Awesome! By Bradley from Bloomington

Tanka bars are my favorite snack for all my outdoor adventures. Unfortunately all my friends like them as well, so they are gone within the first couple of days. :)

06.28.10 We love Tanka Bars By maryann from Topanga

I have been trying to get my significant other to eat something healthy before he goes to the gym. But because he goes to workout at 6:00 in the morning it's tough but then someone told me about Tanka bars; we tried them and he loves them. It gives him enough fuel to get through the workout and has actually improved his training. Thank you Tanka Bars!

06.29.10 tanka bars By Shelly from Schofield

I bought a couple of Tanka bars at the general store before my hike to the bottom on the Grand Canyon. Awesome product - my only regret was only buying two. Excellent flavor. Now I'm buying them by the case as snacks for myself and the kids.

06.30.10 Traditional Tanka Bars By Mary Ellen from Pass Christian

These bars have been a part of my husband's diet plan for over a year now. He has lost about 70 pounds!

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