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About the Team

Dawn Sherman, CEO
Dawn Sherman manages the financial and business office for Native American Natural Foods and is a tribally enrolled member of the Shawnee and Delaware Tribes. She has worked more than 12 years in the automotive industry in a variety of roles -- most recently in the accounting department Ms. Sherman made the Dean's List and President's List while studying applied science applied management at National American University in Rapid City, SD. In her career in the automotive industry, she increased dealership portfolios as well as assisted in developing policies and procedures to stream line sales and finance efficiency. Her skills in customer service, marketing and financial analysis bring an array of expertise to the company



Olivia Casey, COO 


Phillip Gaudon, Director of Sales 


Linda Crider, Director of Marketing 


Rachel Hunter, Fulfillment Manager
Duties: Rachel's duties include shipping orders, inventory management, troubleshooting customer service questions, and keeping shipping procedures up to date with the latest trends.
Personal: Rachel has two children.
Free time: In her spare time, Rachel enjoys spending time with her family.

Tonya Hunter, Production Manager/Direct Mail
Duties: Tonya manages direct mail campaigns and incoming calls for Lakota Express and Native American Natural Foods.
Personal: She likes working with Native American Natural Foods and is a great role model to her children, as well as the people around her.
Free time: Tonya enjoys spending time with her children.

Jason Stover, Marketing Specialist and Customer Care
Duties: Jason's responsibilities include updating social media, Twitter updates, as well as posting events and happening. Managing demos and coordinating demos. Also works with donations and sponsorship. The big outfits he works with are REI and Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage. Customer service, he caters to the customer if they have trouble ordering or questions about the Tanka Bar products.
Personal: Jason has two younger brothers and enjoys spending time with all his nieces and nephews.
Free time: During his free time, Jason likes movies, playing pool, darts, fishing and play video games.

Kirby, Mascot Extraordinaire
Duties: While Kirby performs many important functions at Native American Natural Foods, she is primarily responsible for boosting morale. An empathetic listener, Kirby is also the chief secret-keeper in the office.
Personal: Kirby is single with no children.
Free time: When she's not on duty, Kirby likes playing with her neighbor, Pepper, chasing various wildlife, eating snacks and taking long rides.